Last week, Young & Hungry was all about beer. For five straight days, readers could delve deep into the culture, the business, the enjoyment, and the frustrations of beer. You could read guest blogger Greg Engert‘s brilliant essay on what wine can teach us about beer and food. Or The Lagerheadsilluminating look at why there are so few low-alcohol craft beers. Or The Beerspotter‘s clear-eyed examination of the poor beer choices available to those who suffer from celiac disease.

It was, in short, a great week for beer geeks.

So what was the most read item? A throwaway piece on Georgetown Cupcakes. Somebody shoot me, please.

  1. Georgetown Cupcake Fanatics Pissing Off Neighbors
  2. Get Ready: D.C. Beer Week 2010 Is Coming (*)
  3. What’s in a Name? Of Beer Directors, Sommeliers, and Cicerones
  4. Craft Brewing Faces an Identity Crisis
  5. Spike Mendelsohn’s We, The Pizza to Open on July 19

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, a popular item among readers, but we’ve stopped counting it.