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The cinematic version of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s wildly popular Eat Pray Love hit theaters on Friday, and the critics trashed it. Ebert wrote, “You can see how it would be fun to spend a year traveling with Gilbert. A lot more fun than spending nearly two hours watching a movie about it.” Salon noted similar disconnects between the reality penned by the author and the one offered in the film:

Inevitably, director Ryan Murphy’s version of “Eat, Pray, Love” (he also co-wrote the screenplay, with Jennifer Salt) is a shorthand romantic fiction, a pretty but hollowed-out imitation that’s one remove from Gilbert’s commentary on her experience and at least two removes from the experience itself.

The movie is trending at a lousy 39 percent over at Rotten Tomatoes, which means the critics hate it even more than they hate The Expendables, the new action flick featuring the Over The Hill Gang. Still, Eat Pray Love pulled in nearly $24 million over the weekend in box office receipts, which means the film has some traction despite the poor reviews.

So what do you think of this Julia Roberts vehicle, Y&H Nation?