UPDATE 12:22 p.m. 8/17: The lobster truck will not launch today. According to Red Hook’s Facebook page, they’re having “[t]ruck moving fwd issues. Thanks for your understanding! Sad Lobstah Faces. We were so psyched to meet all of you – and we promise we are doing all we can to get to you guys! Better to do it right then have to fix something – right? Peace and lobstah love to you all!!”

It seems that the owners of the long-awaited Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck ran into some “electrical issues,” which prevent them from rolling out their crustacean wagon on Friday as expected.

But Red Hook Lobster Pound DC’s Leland Morris was taking the truck into DCRA this morning for one final inspection. He hoped to have the vehicle parked on Farragut Square by noon, selling those sweet little rolls stuffed with fresh Maine lobster. (Check its Twitter feed for the exact location.)

“We’re looking forward to making people smile!” Morris e-mailed me yesterday. “We know we’re not going to be perfect out of the gate, but hey, we’re going to have fun and hopefully our guests will too.”

The truck’s small menu is available after the jump, along with another photo of the curbside newbie.

  • Lobster roll (both mayo-based Maine-style and the butter-drizzled Connecticut-style),$15 each
  • Lobster roll meal, $18, which includes Cape Cod chips and a Maine Root soda.
  • Shrimp roll, $8
  • Shrimp roll meal, $11, which includes chips and soda.
  • Whoopie pies from Maine, $3.50
  • Maine Root soda, $2
  • Homemade lemonade, $2 for 12 oz. or $3.50 for 20 oz.
  • Cape Cod ships chips, $2

Photos courtesy of Red Hook Lobster Pound