Halleluja! If only catapulting brewing ingredients into the sky could really make it rain beer. Or if throwing in a brand emblem of our choice (a flying dog seems appropriate for this scenario) would result in a beer shower from a specific brewery like it did for these lucky Aussies. (Although we hear you’d not be so lucky if you were drinking Tooheys).

The Lagerheads suggest you take a break from this bleak, rainy day to enjoy this humorous video. Perhaps it will inspire you to scientifically calculate what would be necessary to actually seed clouds with beer, or persuade you to just go enjoy a cold one this evening. If it ends up being the latter, let us know what’s in your glass. We’re hoping some Weyerbacher Slam Dunkel Double Dunkelweissen Ale will help us muster up some gemütlichkeit despite the weather. Prost!

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