This may be the most painfully cute sugar cookie ever. I say “painfully” because the beehive-shaped treat is available at, ahem, Buzz Bakery in Alexandria, where pastry chef Josh Short created it several years ago for a  fundraiser. Now it’s permanently on the menu at Buzz.

I have to admit, over the years, I have enjoyed many other Buzz creations over this one. Despite a nice sweet lemon hit in the frosting, the cookie was crumbly and arid, a dryness that was only emphasized by the winding pavement of black sugar crystals. I’ll leave this one for the kids to suck on.

Whether you like the beehive cookie or not, I suspect it’ll be available one day soon when Buzz expands into Ballston, as part of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group‘s plan to recreate the original Buzz-Rustico dynamic duo in Arlington.  An NRG spokeswoman said Rustico will open first, followed later by Buzz. She had no timeline for the openings, though ARLnow says Rustico should open in September or October.

So why always pair the two concepts?

NRG co-owner Michael Babin “thinks that they work well together,” the spokeswoman said. Babin told ARLnow, “What’s neat about the Buzz atmosphere is that it’s not the typical bar atmosphere, and if you want that you can go to Rustico.”