Gizmodo ran a post this week, which we got wind of via Mutineer Magazine, on a beer packaged and designed specifically for making music. Tuned Pale Ale, made by Philadelphia-based designers, Matt Braun and Chris Mufalli, has labels with marks that show you what notes are made by blowing across the bottle when the beer is at different levels. But these sound-inspried designers didn’t stop there; everything about the beer’s packaging is musical.

The reformed bottle has a bulbed neck and ridges along its side that allow you take the cap and play it like a güiro, a Puerto Rican percussion instrument commonly used in Latin-American music. The beers even come in a wooden box that, when turned upside down, turns into a six-toned drum. What fun! (More photos after the jump.)

Unfortunately the small batch of Tuned Pale Ale that was produced is long gone, but according to the website Braun and Mafalli are looking for larger brewing and distribution options. The Lagerheads, as fond of making music as we are of beer, only hope they are successful so we have a chance to grab some friends and jam with a six-pack or two.

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