Starting on Tuesday, former Inox sommelier and New Heights chef John Wabeck will join the Eat Good Food Group, the ever-expanding company that already runs four of the finest establishments in Old Town, including Restaurant Eve, Eamonn’s, and The Majestic.

“We’re very excited,” says co-owner Meshelle Armstrong about the company’s new hire. “Hopefully he can move into one of the new places.”

One of the new places could mean either Virtue Feed & Grain, Good Food’s venture into gastro-pub territory, or Society Fair, the still-in-development gourmet “one-stop shop” with a heavy emphasis on wine. Armstrong thinks Wabeck’s knowledge of the grape would make him a prime candidate for the latter operation, which is still negotiating a lease for a space on S. Washington St. in Old Town.

But Wabeck could also help Meshelle and Cathal Armstrong launch their own wine label, if the owners decide to move forward with that plan. They’ve been flirting with the notion of working with a Virginia winery to produce a house label for Restaurant Eve.

In the meantime, Wabeck will get a crash course in all things Armstrong. He’ll start work on Tuesday, and he’ll be learning all aspects of the Eat Good Food operations. He’ll be waiting tables. He’ll be studying kitchen procedures and practices. He’ll even be spending time with Todd Thrasher over at PX. The goal is to turn him into a management dynamo for one of the new places.

If, however, you catch Wabeck spending a little too much time at The Majestic, it will be understandable. His girlfriend, Melissa Horst, is the beverage director at the “casually swank” restaurant on King Street.