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It’s been a long time since Y&H gave some love to our Restaurant Raters — too long, in fact.  I guess you could say we’re back with a vengeance with this edition of Vox Populi. Not one, but two readers have chimed in with reviews of the Russia House, the Dupont Circle establishment where you can dine in Tsarist opulence, as if the Revolution and the overfishing of beluga sturgeon had never occurred.

These two readers offer drastically different opinions on the place.

First, check out the rave from Toherr:

Great unique place. It was amazing. the food was delicious and the service was great. Our waiter was extremely nice and helpful. The Russia House has become one of my favorite resteraunts and highly reccomend it. I love how whenever you go there you get a great taste of russia. The Russia House does a wonderful job of representing Russia.

Now, check out this opposing view from Ilovefood:

Bad Service, Bad Food, Stomach Ache! – My wife and I decided to come here for our anniversary. This place is ranked as the worst Russian food in my book of history. The kitchen for starters is very small and nasty. The food came out and I was like WTF is this. My wife is 100% Russian, and she said what kind of crap are they cooking here. We were ready to buy the caviar for $100 to make up for the horrible service and bad food. Noting can fix a unforgettable night. I emailed the owner and he just left me hanging. Never returning the money as promised and the groupons purchased were a waist. I would just stay away if you’re in need of Russian food. Better to eat at Mc D’s over this place. We just lost all our money invested into groupons purchase for all our friends. After this horrible experience. A waist of my time and money. I only eat at the best! Cedar! Look it up. Only American’s eat this crap.

Well, that was harsh.

So where do you stand on the Russia House? Write your own review here.