Or maybe he wants them all to “eat shallot”!

It’s hard to say for sure, given the number of blank spaces between the “s” and the “t” in the caption that accompanied a photo that Donna posted of Galileo III on his Facebook page:

Galileo III is coming next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the evil eyes look at this and eat s…..t !!!!!!!!!!

There are two takeaways here:

  1. Galileo III might open next week, although Donna doesn’t have the best track record of reporting reliable opening dates.
  2. He wants his naysayers to eat shit or perhaps, as noted above, “eat shallot.” The question, of course, is who falls under the category of “evil eyes”? I suspect it might include the author of this story and this one and this one and maybe all the people who commented negatively toward Donna in these stories.

I have just one observation about Donna: Does this sound like a man humbled by recent circumstances?