Love it or hate it, Five Guys knows how to draw a crowd. The national chain and its fans drew the ire of burgermeister Josh Ozersky, who apparently doesn’t put much stock in Zagat surveys, either. The interesting thing is, given the tepid reader response to Ozersky’s Tweet nothings, Y&H has to wonder if readers were drawn to the item less to defend Five Guys than to commiserate with the writer.

Either way, readers prove yet again they love nothing more than a good, hard smack-down. The Top 5 from last week:

  1. Ozersky to Five Guys Fans: You’re Mindless White Trash (*)
  2. Jackie Greenbaum to Open a Casual Mexican Restaurant in Columbia Heights
  3. All About Eve, Part I: Surrounded by Food and Still Constantly Hungry
  4. OpenTable Gets into the Groupon Business
  5. Vote Your Favorite Food Truck into the Inaugural Curbside Cook-Off

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, a popular item among readers, but we’ve stopped counting it.