Vienna Inn: releasing thousands of dogs a month.

As if reading a blog for local information weren’t enough, here’s more evidence that we live in a new media world: Old news never dies and gets turned into fish wrap. It just gets picked up by some “discovery” bot and becomes “news” all over again. Case in point: Two previously published nuggets sneaked into the Top 5 last week.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that Y&H broke virtually no news last week on the blog.

  1. GQ Drinks in D.C. (*)
  2. R.J. Cooper to Open an Alleyway, All Tasting Menu Restaurant in Mount Vernon Square
  3. Lobster Truck Has ‘Em Hooked Already
  4. The Vienna Inn: Defining the Bar Food Genre
  5. ‘Top Chef’ All Stars: Washing the Bad Taste of D.C. Out of Its Mouth?

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, a popular item among readers, but we’ve stopped counting it.