Rogue States may be the first restaurant in history to be considered a “nuisance” just for grilling thick, juicy burgers over a wood flame, the very scent that makes the average non-vegetarian’s mouth salivate like Pavlov’s dog. Starting this morning, D.C. Superior Court Judge John M. Mott will hear arguments in a lawsuit, filed by law firm Steptoe & Johnson, that claims the venting of Rogue States’ grill has created an inhospitable work environment for the beleaguered barristers located next-door to the Dupont burger joint.

Y&H will be at the trial, live-blogging it until Judge Mott issues a decision. In the meantime, Y&H checked out the Rogue States’ vent, which is at the heart of the trial, and tried to see if I could catch a whiff of the burger fumes that allegedly distract all those high-powered lawyers. Give it a watch.