Coffee from Northside Social

If you haven’t noticed already, we at Y&H Central decided it would be a good idea to stop confusing readers. We will no longer have separate spots on the website for the Young & Hungry blog and the Young & Hungry column. From now on, you’ll find everything you want under this banner.

For some reason, I was a little worried that long-time Y&H readers wouldn’t follow the column to the blog. It would seem that I was worried for nothing. Thanks, as always, for reading us.

  1. Above-Average Joes
  2. Dave and Diane Alexander in Negotiations to Sell the Brickskeller
  3. Adams Morgan Pizzeria and Lounge for Sale on Craigslist
  4. District Taco Makes a Move to the Great Indoors
  5. Tired of the Same Old Spots? Look for These Newbies (*)

* A certain light-drinking Budweiser beer was, once again, a popular item among readers, but we’ve stopped counting it.