Few things drive traffic like controversy and free food, and we had plenty of both last week on Y&H. Sometimes they intersected in the same post, if you looked at all the comments from last week’s Target “grocery” giveaway at Union Station. (Seeds, I guess, could one day turn into weekly groceries, but only if you have time, a hothouse, garden tools, and a debilitating sense of patience.)

Your Top 5 from last week:

  1. Tap Lessons: Advice for the Brickskeller’s New Owners
  2. Rogue States Is Likely Closed for Good At Its Dupont Location
  3. Free Groceries Today and Tomorrow at Union Station
  4. Y&H Delivers His Own Verdict in Steptoe vs. Rogue States Trial
  5. The Rogue States Verdict: What Others Are Saying

Photo by Darrow Montgomery