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If the Washington City Paper‘s debut Beer Issue accomplished anything, it got people talking. And bitching. And praising. And wondering what planet we live on.  Below are a handful of the many comments found on Twitter, the DC-Beer listserv, blogs, and elsewhere.

On the Beer Issue in general:

  • @jacobsberg: “b/w the @wcp #beer issue and @tomsietsema dining guide not a lot of work getting done this afternoon. Batch loading/processesing ftw!”
  • @bkirkland: “Washington City Paper’s inaugural “beer issue” (which is claiming DC has a beer scene) has some dude drinking PBR on the cover. #FAIL”
  • “Despite Carman’s piece I think it is a good thing that the WASHINGTON CITY PAPER decided to have a beer issue. They ought to make it an annual event.” — Martin Wooster, DC-Beer listserv

On Jonathan L. Fischer‘s story about PBR’s local missionary, Dan VanHoozer:

  • “I very much enjoyed Jonathan L. Fischer’s profile of Dan VanHoozer, Pabst Blue Ribbon “creative” for Washington, which means the sales rep. (We can’t call sales reps that at Pabst, no sir!) I thought Fischer did a really good job in showing how Pabst markets itself these days to “super-interesting people, whether it’s artists or people who play in bands or rugby players.” — Martin Wooster, DC-Beer listserv

On Orr Shtuhl‘s story on the uptick in cask ale:

  • “Brief, but excellent, article on Washington DC’s increasing cask ale scene in this week’s Washington City Paper.” — Alexander D. Mitchell IV, DC-Beer listserv

On Tammy Tuck‘s story about four new breweries opening in D.C.:

  • “Nice article. Thanks!! The DC area has the sophistication, and the education levels as well the financials to support more craft breweries and brew pubs. I believe we should be the East Coast beer Mecca and not Philly or Ashville.” — Chuck Triplett from Tuck’s facebook page.
  • @coolmcjazz: “I am in lurv with @wcp‘s current issue on the about-to-explode #DC craft #beer scene. Can’t wait for these breweries to open! @beerspotter
  • @seanldalton: “I forgot to mention — that stellar @wcp article was written by Tammy of the @Lagerheads. If you’re not reading/following them, DO IT!”
  • “Whether it is National Bohemian, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Iron City Beer, or Old Style one of the fun parts of travel is to try out a cities local beer. Four different breweries are set to open in D.C. next year. Hopefully one of them can become as iconic as the beers mentioned above.” — Federal Baseball

On my story on what the new owners of the Brickskeller should do to improve the old institution:

  • “Carman has repeatedly trashed the Brickskeller over the years. I’ve never met the man but he has a bug in his butt about the Brickskeller. I could well understand why the Alexanders wouldn’t talk to him… DC is enriched by having lots of different great beer emporia. Thor Cheston, Greg Jasgur, and Greg Engert do good things. The DC beer scene is being enriched by having choice and variety. BUT I’m bothered by them telling Alexander how to run his bar, since Dave has not gratuitously offered advice on how to “improve” the Big Hunt or Pizzeria Paradiso….A lot of Alexander’s competitors are SO expensive that I don’t feel I can relax and enjoy myself there (particularly given the loud music at ChurchKey and the ear-shattering music at the Big Hunt)….I don’t feel “at home” at Pizzeria Paradiso, Brasserie Beck. or ChurchKey. I DO feel at home at the Brickskeller.” — Martin Wooster, DC-Beer listserv
  • Let’s take this a step further. The guy seems to have an axe to grind. The paucity of his research seems to indicate an agenda, and not a good one.” — Lyle C. Brown, DC-Beer listserv
  • “I haven’t followed Carman’s previous writings about the Brickskeller so maybe I’m missing some important context. But I didn’t get the impression that his latest article had an axe to grind at all. I thought it was a fairly balanced story that addressed both the legacy of Brickskeller as well as the fact that it needs to be renovated and there has been no effort to upkeep or maintain it. To cite just one egregious example of the latter, there was a urinal on the upper level men’s restroom that apparently did not work and was just left unrepaired and covered with a blue tarp for at least 2 years. Maybe it’s still like that? If that’s an image they’re comfortable presenting to their patrons, I can only imagine what’s going on behind closed doors. What is the draw to customers, who now have so many other options to choose from? I used to tolerate the Brickskeller’s shortcomings, but I now find its atmosphere so dismal and depressing I’d rather go elsewhere.” — Steve Mitchell, DC-Beer listserv
  • “If you haven’t seen it already, Tim Carman’s article in the City Paper about the future of the Brickskeller is worth a read, even if you’re not a beer drinker. Go read it; I’ll wait…It’s a pity that an institution as beloved and revered as the Brickskeller has been reduced to this point- when I moved here, my friends in town spoke rapturously about it despite the fact that it was clearly in decline even then. I’m not a beer drinker, but as someone who is married to a beer enthusiast and socializes with many others, I know it’s been years since we suggested that any of our beer-loving friends from out of town visit the Brick for anything other than its landmark value.” WeLoveDC

Photo by Darrow Montgomery