Dear City Paper readers, 

In April, we stated our intention to keep printing weekly editions of Washington City Paper despite plummeting ad sales and lost event revenue in the face of the pandemic. Consolidating circulation provided a little relief, but five months later, it’s no longer enough. And so, in an effort to protect staff and salaries as best we can, we will be temporarily reducing our print publication schedule to once per month. 

A monthly schedule will still allow us to reach Washingtonians in print—those who lack access to broadband internet or a computer, those who just like to pick up a physical copy on the street, and those who love our crossword puzzles. Readers can expect continued and regular publishing on our new website,, which will allow us to tell stories in new, engaging, and more interactive ways.

City Paper started as a bi-weekly paper in 1981. If becoming a monthly for a little while will keep us around for the next four decades, that’s a sacrifice we’re compelled to make. 

Thank you to the 1,100 members who have stepped up to support our work over the past year, as well as to our advertisers that have stood with us in print and digital form and will continue to do so. As we transform into a more member-supported newspaper, sustainability is our chief priority. We’re committed to making decisions that will protect the future of your legacy alt-weekly. 

We will continue to update our print circulation routes here. Please reach out to to request a new dropoff spot. Expect to see the next print editions of Washington City Paper on October 15, November 12, and December 10.

Thank you for your support, 

Caroline Jones, Interim Editor

Duc Luu, Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer