The leaves are falling. You’ve got a sweater on. It’s time to make it official: reach for you favorite fall beer. The Lagerheads suggested some not-so-conventional fall beers back when we noticed the first pumpkin spice bombs hitting the shelves in August. Now that D.C. weather has finally caught up, we want to know what you’re drinking. (Nevermind that it’s now Christmas beers that are popping up.)

Don’t know about you, but for me autumn means dark, sweet Belgian ales. After a summer spent swilling hops, there’s something comforting about a sweet beer on a cold day. We inaugurated the season earlier this week with a four-pack of Kasteel Bruin. Three down, one to go. So before we head off to the store to replenish our refrigerator, a question: what’s your favorite fall beer…when the weather actually feels like fall?

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