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We’ve been covering the ongoing struggle to brew the world’s strongest beer, but until now it’s been a battle in a far away land that had little to do with the good people of DC. The instigator of the ABV arms race is Scotland’s BrewDog, which insists on pairing its ridiculously high-alcohol creations (Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bismarck, and, most recently, The End of History) with equally ridiculous videos (like this one, and this one, and this one). At last the fight has come to our shores, my friends: the Connecticut Avenue Wine & Liquor Deli in Dupont Circle is now stocking Tactical Nuclear Penguin ($79.99/375-ml bottle) and Sink the Bismarck ($106.99/375-ml bottle). There are only six bottles of each available, but at those prices, you might have a shot at picking one up before they’re gone. Maybe.

If you know of other places to get these beers, please give a shout.

UPDATE 11/12/10: ChurchKey will be pouring 1.5 oz tastings of both Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck on Monday, November 22, beginning at 4pm.

Photo by Russ Garrett used under a Creative Commons license