On Wednesday, Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema will inaugurate something special for his regular weekly online dining chat. He’s bringing on guest chatters!

The first person? Roberto Donna, D.C.’s accomplished Italian super chef and restaurateur better known these days for pleading guilty to felony embezzlementand escaping jail time.

For the Post, having Donna on is the dining equivalent of having Tom DeLay wear red pants and dance a samba on Dancing With the Stars! It will generate instant buzz among those who buzz about such things. “…I think the occasional (hopefully regular) extra voices will add a bit of buzz to these weekly conversations,” Sietsema wrote on Nov. 17.

A “bit of buzz?” How about a heaping helping of buzz?

When Sietsema announced Donna’s upcoming chat appearance, a few readers asked some pointed questions. Take this for example:

Wow!! You’re starting off big. Will you publish the angry posts from the old employees and creditors? I’m guessing they will come flooding in.

Or this:

Will Roberto be taking questions on how to evade Federal income taxes. [C]ommit Federal felonies and avoid serious jail time? I would like to nknow [sic] how to this as would many PG county pols and residents. You are the man Tom!

Sietsema’s responses:

I think Mr. Donna can expect some heat, but I hope we can keep the discussion civilized. … Um, no one has any questions on how he likes to serve white truffles? It’s the season, you know.

Truffles? Hmmm, maybe somebody could ask Donna whether that casino mogul in Macau was crazy for paying $330,000 for two truffles? What is the best way to prepare a six-figure truffle, anyways?

Anyhow, here are some of my questions for Mr. Donna. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

  • Have you ever waited in line for pasta at Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan? If so, is it worth the wait?
  • Your new restaurant, Galileo III, is located very close to the Wilson Building. It is conceivable that Ward 8 Councilmember and former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry could wander on in for lunch or dinner. What do you think of his track record of tax problems?
  • Arlington County has a bustling restaurant scene. You were once part of it! Do you have any desire to do business again across the river in Arlington?
  • When you used to serve those tasty grilled sandwiches for lunch out of your old place on 21st Street NW, was it really cash only? I can’t remember. (Your sandwiches were tasty, though!)
  • Submit your questions to Roberto here. We’ll see what questions make the cut and score Donna’s performance on Wednesday!

    Photo of Galileo III by Darrow Montgomery