My Washington City Paper colleague, Lydia DePillis, reports that there’s a plan being pushed by the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington and the Apartment and Office Building Association to “slap a moratorium on the number of food trucks on D.C. streets, and tax those that remain.

Additionally, another colleague, Alan Suderman, is hearing that the controversial food truck issue “could come up as soon as tomorrow’s [D.C.] Council legislative meeting, where members will be voting on a plan to close the budget shortfall.”

UPDATE: Per DePillis (right after I put up this post), “[Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel] Bowser says that the issue won’t come up tomorrow, and clarifies that she strongly opposes a moratorium on the number of food trucks (I initially misread PoP’s post).”

Something’s definitely up! Let’s see how this all shakes out.