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While Glover Park’s preppy twentysomethings have been tossing their alcoholic beer cans to the ground for years, count what’s pictured above as an endangered sighting: a crushed, presumably consumed can of Four Loko, the caffeinated-alcohol packed beverage that’s been discontinued after a number of state and local jurisdictions banned the product and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last month called seven caffeinated alcohol drinks unsafe.

As been previously reported, there’s been Four Loko hoarding and online hawking by entrepreneurs, including local college students. One Philadelphia chef is serving a Four Loko-themed dinner, including “vanilla pain perdu with Loko slushy and gelée, served with Watermelon Loko.”

The Blue Raspberry Four Loko can pictured above appeared while on my walk to work last week Wednesday in Glover Park. By Sunday morning, the crushed Four Loko can had been kicked out of 39th Street NW and onto the adjacent Calvert Street sidewalk, just steps away from an opened Natural Light can, which sat across the street from a consumed Icehouse beer can. Note to my good neighbors: Please read Tim Carman‘s recent column on enjoying alcohol or try crushing a can of Sapporo on your head, instead!

Photo by Michael E. Grass