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When dining I treat restaurant “deals” with a healthy dose of skepticism. I spend Restaurant Week cooking at home and usually only indulge multi-course tasting menus with chefs I know and trust. I have no clue what grabbed me when I saw Perry’s three-course offering for $25 every Tuesday. Maybe it was that the price point seemed impossible. You can’t get one course at many restaurants for 25 bones, let alone three that include a starter and dessert.

Mark Furstenberg consults on a menu that’s small but well rounded. I started with a seafood chowder that sported rustic unpeeled potatoes, and a creamy viscous base spiked with black pepper. My pecan pie featured loose packed fruits suspended in a sparing and sweet glaze. My pork chop? I should mention that it’s featured stand alone on the menu the rest of the week for $19.

Tender and juicy, Perry’s chop leans more on great ingredient sourcing and cooking technique than style or flare. Grilled perfectly to medium the chop was seasoned simply with salt and pepper. I gnawed on the rib bone when I was done with my fork and knife, trying to make the most of every morsel. I missed it when it was gone.

Last Tuesday at the bar seating was easy to come by. Conversation was quiet but open and the space felt like a neighborhood fave. I couldn’t figure out why more people weren’t taking advantage of the steal.

I asked my bartender if the special was a limited-time affair, or something I could grow accustomed to indulging. “I don’t know how long the owners are going to do this” he said.  “I guess until they get sick of giving away meals.” If Perry’s is close to your home or office or you’re otherwise in the Adams Morgan neighborhood I suggest you get there tonight. If the quality stays where it was when I dined there, the bar stools won’t be empty on Tuesday’s for long.