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When I started as Washington City Paper‘s bar food blogger back in August, I knew this gig would involve a lot of eating. But I couldn’t say for sure exactly what I would be eating. Right off the bat, Sigmagrrl commented on that post in an attempt to corner me:

Good first blog topic: definition of “bar food”…. :-/

I ignored her.

To be honest, I chose bar food as my niche because it was so versatile. In my head, I argued that anything could be construed as bar food, so as long as I ate it on a bar stool and it could be ordered with a beer. This weekend, while looking at all the pictures I’ve taken, I began to see a trend. I also became worried about my health.

Almost four months in, I still don’t have a formal definition for bar food, and I’m starting to wonder what the hell I can eat while sitting at a bar when I’m not in the mood for a night of indigestion.

Many readers recommended Deli City for a Reuben sandwich, but I prefer mine with with a side of beer. So far, my favorite is at Tunnicliff’s Tavern on Capitol Hill.

Craving seafood, I went to Surfside in Glover Park for some fish tacos.

I ate one of the best pizzas I’ve had in some time at Seventh Hill on Capitol Hill. Eggs are wonderful on pizza. They also have cholesterol.

Remember Duffy’s wings? It seems so long ago. I’ve fallen in love with a few others since then, but there’s something about Duffy’s sauce that makes me come back to the Vermont Avenue joint often.

Hard Times let me sneak behind the line to get up close and personal with the wings they finish on the grill.

I had a crush and her name was pho dog. And then I went home alone.

Trusty’s is one of the best bars in D.C. Their cheese steak looks like a train wreck. I pounded it.

Sometimes, I work in Prince George’s County and my only lunch option ends up being Ruby Tuesday in Largo. This is their Triple Prime burger. The menu say it’s been called the world’s best burger. I cried a little while eating it. They were not tears of joy.

Have you checked out ChiDogO’s yet? I went for lunch. The food is not pretty. It is, however, pretty good.

Proving my mental disorder, I went to DC-3 for dinner that same night. Their dogs are pretty. They taste great too.

Wings don’t have to be buffaloed. This braised number made me grin.

I followed those wings with pizza, and washed the pie down with cold PBRs. Maybe five of them.

Breadsoda makes grilled cheese with bacon on it. It looks good. It’s kinda not.

This is deep-fried mashed potatoes with salami. You can order it at Pizzeria Orso. It’s fucking good. (Hi Tim!)

Orso also makes a great pie. Yeah, that’s another egg.

Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì, Ba Bay bánh mì.

DC-3 has some decent mini dogs as well. And that sandwich? Salty beefy good.

You know the drill. It’s grilled cheese and tomato soup. They’re such a pair those two. I should write them a poem.

Can one have too much grilled cheese? Maybe too much cheese in a grilled cheese like this one at Room 11. But the salad makes this plate healthy.

I think I’ve had at least 144 of these since starting this project and many more before that.

So I think I need a salad. And a nap. :-/