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Tim Carman in today’s Washington Post defends the District’s honor from The New York Times, which has historically belittled the nation’s capital in the food department, including Jennifer Steinhauser‘s recent declaration that there’s a “steady rise” of “Everyman Eating” on Capitol Hill, with plenty of chefs trying to capitalize on “food that is affordable, nostalgic and deeply accessible.”

This all seems to have ruffled Carman’s feathers:

Allow me to apply some ointment to our many probe marks and ask a small favor from the Gray Lady’s staff: Could you please stop rubbing our noses in our inferiority? We understand by now. You’re better than we are. Your fashion is better than ours, your art is better and, of course, your restaurants are better. Washingtonians will forever cower in the long shadow cast by Gotham, nervously picking our nails and hoping you will like us one day. I mean, really like us – and not just like us so that you can tear us to shreds another day.

Fuck yeah!

Photo by Flickr user ReservasdeCoches using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license