Young & Hungry is all grins today. Now, it’s generally sad to see a business fail. But it’s hard not to laugh at the news of the closure of Cleveland Park’s Cereal Bowl, a cereal-focused franchise. Seriously, this place actually existed! And it registered barely a blip on D.C.’s gastronomic map. Maybe thenew iteration of Palena finally did it in? Or was the Cereal Bowl place destined to fail?

If your interim Young & Hungry editor had to determine Tim Carman‘s best reads of 2010, his review of the place, The Embarrassment of the Cereal Bowl,” would certainly rank somewhere in the Top 10. Take this gem for instance:

The Sweetest Thing, by contrast, is a dentist’s wet dream: a bowl filled with Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Nilla Wafers, and for a garnish, rainbow sprinkles. You feel dizzy just looking at it.

Carman, who decamped Washington City Paper for a large metropolitan daily downtown, can no longer use “fuck” in his writing. It’s safe to say Carman can no longer use the phrase “dentist’s wet dream” either. Fuck, yeah!

UPDATE, 2 p.m.: Like a phoenix, the Cereal Bowl may rise again in Cleveland Park!

Photos by Tim Carman