Young & Hungry isn’t quite sure in what context that Larry King-replacement Piers Morgan said that chefs that hail from Knifecrime Island are the best in all the world, but it certainly irked José Andrés, Spain’s unofficial ambassador to D.C. The culinary star tweeted on Sunday:

Mr. Pier Morgan is clueless when he says that English Chefs and cooking are the best in the world. They Are good TV people…..Period…

Andrés should be careful not to spark a Twitter war with Morgan! Look what happened when NY1 anchor John Schiumo late last month picked a fight with Morgan, who shot back after the initial volley on his Twitter feed:

Sorry Mr Schiumo, but a) I’ve never heard of you and b) I don’t view local news anchors with just 700 followers as rivals.

But it would be fun to see Morgan try to insult Andrés and all of Spain’s culinary heritage by arrogantly pointing to marmite and mitten of pork as evidence of England’s gastronomic superiority.

Photo of José Andrés courtesy Pablo de Loy