Last week, Young & Hungry asked two relatively simple questions about bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches: Who makes a special BLT with something extra? Where are your favorites of the classic standard?

Y&H received a number of BLT suggestions and observations. One suggestion that started to make my mouth water was Café Saint-Ex‘s fried green tomato BLT. Like Open City‘s version, it comes with applewood smoked bacon. I haven’t had Saint-Ex’s version since probably three or four years ago, when I remember chowing down on the sumptuous creation over a delightful weekday afternoon lunch with Metrocurean’s Amanda McClements on the outdoor patio fronting T Street NW.

Funny enough, the second suggestion came from Metrocurean herself! “So’s Your Mom! On toasted wheat with spicy mustard, please.”

Since Young & Hungry works steps from the Adams Morgan deli, that’s where today’s lunch, pictured above, came from. Initial impressions?

So’s Your Mom’s Deli‘s BLT with avocado is a decent sandwich, but it didn’t knock my socks off. The wheat was toasted, but ended up a bit limp, perhaps because the soft avocado put undue pressure on the structure of the bread. It’s a trade off: The avocado added a nice smooth texture, replacing mayo as an evening taste agent. But I should have ordered the sandwich with extra mustard. Mine had a bite, albeit a muted one. The bacon was very crispy, just like the bacon I’m used to with So’s breakfast sandwiches/croissants/bagels. If I had to give it a grade, it’d be a B. But perhaps with more specification, I could get it into the A range.

Granted, purists will say spicy mustard and avocado should have nothing to do with a BLT. They might be right. But it’s no fun to be a stick in the mud.

Want to continue the BLT discussion? Maybe Young & Hungry will hit up a few of your favorites.

Photo by Michael E. Grass