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  • Frosting Is a Tool of Lucifer: Want to read an 1,100+ taste-test review of cupcakes at Crumbs and Bakeshop? Here you go! [Clarendon Culture via ARLNow]
  • More From Tom Knott: The Black Squirrel co-owner feels “like a person who’s sitting there with a cigar that’s blown up in their face.” [TBD]
  • A First Sip: Here’s what Tom Sietsema has to say about Chinablock’s new Pho DC: “The broths are no match for the pure, crystal-clear stocks at the very good Pho Viet in Upper Columbia Heights, and the accompanying Thai basil and bean sprouts sometimes look a little faded. But the soups at Pho DC still satisfy.” [WaPo]
  • In and Out on U Street NW: A fish-and-chips tavern called Codmother will replace Café Nema, while another sports bar, this one called Touchdown, will go in where Momo’s was. Hopefully the new sports bar knows that using a balled-up American flag to sop up a leaky air conditioning unit during the World Cup is a bad idea. [PoP, @amorrissey via @mgrass]
  • Food Truck Street Crime: Let’s hope criminals in the District don’t get any ideas from their counterparts in Los Angeles and start shaking down food trucks for “rent.” [KTLA via Eater National]