Bethesda magazine delivers some very good news for lovers of good soup. Ren’s Ramen, which shut its doors in Bethesda last year because of increasing rent, has relocated to Wheaton. This should make Tim Carman, who has professed his adoration for Ren’s, very happy. As he wrote for Young & Hungry at the time:

As the mercury drops… I find Eiji Nakamura’s soups the perfect antidote to a chill in the air.

This is true no matter what bowl you order from Ren’s concise menu, which offers three different kinds of Sapporo ramen and even a vegetable variation for those who find their warmth in a container of hot seaweed broth (which is not a knock, but a simple fact about this soup made hearty with floating islands of crunchy cabbage). With that said, though, let me not pussyfoot around here: If I really want to ignite my internal hearth on a cold night, I order Ren’s soy-flavored Sapporo ramen and request extra slices of roast pork and a few pieces of stewed fatty pork, these geological slabs that alternate between layers of flesh and fat. The pieces are like pig candy, melting on your tongue as gooey and satisfying as warmed caramels.

And that sounds great on a day like today. [via TBD]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery