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A few weeks ago, Young & Hungry’s Scott Reitz dug into D.C.’s current specialty hot dog renaissance. Although M’Dawg Haute Dogs tried to capitalize on this idea a few years ago, the Adams Morgan business fell flat. But that hasn’t stopped newcomers, like ChiDogO’s and DC-3. “The endeavor might seem gutsy considering how poorly M’Dawg fared, the environment has changed significantly since then,” Reitz wrote.

Here’s another sign that the current fancy hot dog trend hasn’t quite yet hit fever pitch. Todd Kliman, in today’s Washingtonian dining chat, points out how higher-end restaurants are trying their luck with hot dogs, too. “Talented chefs [are] cranking out charcuterie in the form of a frank, or using their advanced skills to elevate a simple snack,” Kliman told his chatters, citing some winners at Lyon Hall, Bayou Bakery, and Jackie’s.

Kliman, meanwhile, had some not-so-kind words for DC-3 and ChiDogO’s:

I wouldn’t seek out DC-3, and I probably won’t ever return to ChiDogO’s…You know a place isn’t any good when it can’t even produce a faithful version of its hometown classic.


Photo by Darrow Montgomery