Unintended Agendas: If you like Chik-fil-A, are you supporting an anti-gay agenda? [NYT, Towelroad]

Too Much Attention: Tom Sietsema says Cuba Libre might want to take it easy a bit:

The crew at Cuba Libre is a knowledgeable and engaging bunch, but I wish the staff would ease up on the sales pitches. “Can I get you started with some sparkling or still water?” one of the servers suggests. “Some rice to sop up those juices?” I was asked when I ordered my entree. [WaPo]

Late-Night Diner Brawls: If only Mike Tyson‘s outburst at Au Pied de Cochon were available on video. [BuzzFeed via Eater Nat’l, Y&H]

Familiar Favorites: The now re-opened Argonaut should please those who have missed the H Street NE bar and restaurant’s go-to menu items: “[T]he menu still has their old classics: the Argo Burger, fish and chips, shrimp and grits, and of course the sweet potato fries.” [The Hill Is Home]

Departure on 36th Street NW: Over at the venerable 1789 in Georgetown, pastry chef Travis Olson is leaving to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. [Washingtonian]

Photo of Cuba Libre courtesy Lightman Photography/Heather Freeman PR