I have a quick confession: I often drink beer through a straw. I know what an awful habit this is, but sometimes, it’s just more fun to drink through a tube.

Last week, when I asked for a straw for my beer at CommonWealth in Columbia Heights, the bartender handed me one made from recycled paper.

A few beers down, I took down some notes on this eco-friendly straw and from my misspelled and I’m sure iPhone auto-corrected madness, I thought the straw tasted like “cardboard.”

I also noted that the straw holds up better in beer than in soda, which I think adds a point to Team Straw-In-Beer.

Operating partner Sandy Lewis tells me that more paper is on its way.  “We have been trying to find a vendor that makes paper swizzle sticks for cocktails but have not been able to yet. To my knowledge, swizzle sticks are the only thing we use that is plastic and we try to do it upon request only.”

Here’s to turning green ethos into an oral fixation.