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  • Wow, That Was Indeed Short: Last week, Washingtonian‘s Todd Kliman reported that Carole Greenwood, formerly of Comet Ping Pong and Buck’s Camping and Fishing, left Bethesda’s Foods, Wine & Co. soon after starting in the kitchen. Bethesda magazine has some additional details on Greenwood’s short tenure, short as in just two days: “Owner Francis Namin said Greenwood was ‘not a good match for the restaurant,’ and that she had a hard time delegating to other people in the kitchen.” [Washingtonian, Bethesda]
  • Touchy Subject: First lady Michelle Obama gets caught in another skirmish in the war on food, this time served with a side of North Carolina barbecue politics. [WaPo]
  • Online Serenity Now! Here’s more on bad restaurant websites: Natasha Lim notes that when you open Alero‘s website, “some languid south-of-the-border music announces itself with a drumroll. Photos float up and down in the lower third of the screen. It’s a show you never asked for.” [Y&H, TBD]
  • Acquisition Time? Bethesda-based Honest Tea may be acquired by Coca-Cola. [WaPo]