Over the years, Constantine Stavropoulos has pushed the idea of the “third place,” an environment that isn’t home and that isn’t work—a place that’s in between. First came Tryst in 1998, followed by The Diner, both on 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. Then came Open City in Woodley Park in 2005.

As Stavropoulos said in an American University alumni magazine profile:

You have your home, you have your office, then you have this third place you go to. The Greeks have tavernas, the French have cafes, and the Germans have their beer pubs. It’s sort of like Central Perk from “Friends” or Cheers… a place that kind of helps define you, the community.”

Up next? A fourth location for Stavropoulous’ collection of third places. As Prince of Petworth detailed this week, here’s what on tap for the corner of 11th and Monroe streets NW:

The space would consist of the entire first floor totaling 7,000 square feet. There will be three distinct feels, as mentioned above, a coffee house, diner and bar. Each section would interconnect and the entrance will be on the 11th St, NW side. The space has room for 199 people but that is not likely to be met except for Sat. and Sun. brunch. The menu will consist of comfort food, small plates like you can now get at Tryst as well as fare you can get from the diner. Eggs all day!

More exciting things for the 11th Street corridor…

Photo by Flickr user rpongsaj using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license