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In case you think the cupcake trend has run its course in the nation’s capital, it’s not quite over. A new national chain is looking to set up shop a few blocks from Georgetown Cupcake‘s flagship location on M Street NW. But this one is different, apparently. Sprinkles got its start in Beverly Hills, Calif., so celebrity types like them! Including Oprah Winfrey! (Barbra Steisand introduced her to Sprinkles and somehow that led to Jimmy Kimmel to stand in line for 45 minutes to buy $80 worth.)

How much longer does D.C. have to wait to get some celebrity-endorsed cupcakes? Next month, says Capital Business. Sprinkles president Charles Nelson tells Capital Business:

The more cupcakes the better… It’s fun to see how the cupcakes-only bakery trend has taken on a life of its own. It’s exciting to us.

But as Tim Carman wrote in Young & Hungry last year, just because an incoming chain has cachet, doesn’t mean it will succeed in the D.C. market. Will Sprinkles be the next Pinkberry, which showed up late to a D.C. market flooded with fro-yo chains? Will D.C. tire of cupcakes? Time will tell.

Photo by Flickr user David Berkowitz via an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license