Have you seen this American Express commercial featuring New York City–based Happy Baby, which produces high-quality organic baby food? Washington City Paper contributing writer Joe Warminsky did and tweeted this morning: “wow, it’s like a nexus of food trucks, yuppie cupcakes, and DC Urban Moms.”

When Young & Hungry reviewed the ad, there were no cupcakes to be seen, but there was plenty of b-roll footage of food trucks and farmers markets! All this sparked an idea: D.C. should have a mobile organic baby food operation, delivering healthy nutritious stuff to area parents so their ‘lil ones can eat pulverized sweet potatoes or whatever goes into organic baby food.

There’s already a natural market for this potential business: the DC Urban Moms (and Dads) constituency, which recently discussed the question of what brand of organic baby food is best and where to find it. So far, that thread has not devolved into a socio-economic war of words as has been known to happen on the feisty parents’ online message board. If you make your own baby food, does that mean you’re poor?