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Generally, Young & Hungry hates getting tips from PR flacks about famous people showing up to various restaurants around town. Does anyone really care that Ben Affleck showed up at Chadwick’s in Georgetown? (Well, maybe someone—The Washington Post certainly does!)

That brings us, though, to this gem of an item from Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan, who published a pitch from a PR professional trying to promote a visit by Malia Obama to a national chain eatery where the birthday party she was attending dined on “Fried Mozzarella, Mixed Green Salad, Margherita Pizza and Penne San Remo.” (Ahem, does that menu meet the first lady’s nutrition stamp of approval?)

Nolan “redacted any info that would identify the restaurant because we don’t want to give it the publicity it was seeking.” But Gawker commenters picked up on enough clues to surmise that the eatery was Buca di Beppo. Who else offers something called “Penne San Remo?” And Jesus, look at the saturated fat in that dish!

We should point out here that Buca di Beppo’s Dupont Circle location was where, as our own Rend Smith reported last year, a white server, Chris Costa, was fired for calling someone a “‘Bama,” because managers thought it was a racial slur. Per Smith:

If you’re from around here, you probably already know ’Bama is just another way of calling someone out; a ’Bama is a fool, a punk, a herb, someone who simply doesn’t get it.

Unfortunately for Costa, it seemed the people in charge at Buca di Beppo didn’t know any of that.

As Nolan noted, “It’s fairly gross to be flacking your restaurant by tracking the comings and goings of 13-year-olds.” Here in D.C., we’ll probably just shake our heads at those ‘Bamas in charge at Buca di Beppo.

Photo by Flickr user claytron using an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license