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Sweet Victory: A local baked-goods emporium, Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights, competed in a cupcake contest on a cable television reality show, won a big prize, and now it’s time to write a book! This is how culinary celebrities are made. [Super Vegan; Eater D.C.]

Muskrat Taste Test: Want to taste some rodent? Here’s one take on the special muskrat poppers Rocklands has been serving as part of its Grills Gone Wild menu: “[T]he muskrat itself had an unpleasant taste, and was similar to liver and foie gras. I could only eat half of one popper, and I’m a relatively adventurous eater. The regular popper include part of a jalapeno (and cheese), while the muskrat poppers include an entire jalapeno (which felt like a lot of pepper). The breadcrumb coating on the regular poppers is better and more substantial than the flimsy and greasy panko coating that the muskrat poppers displayed. Plus, the muskrat meat was dark and unappetizing looking.” [DCFüd]

Hey, Y’all! Some readers are for sure already familiar with this brilliant website. For those who haven’t seen Paula Deen Riding Things, here is your afternoon diversion. [Paula Deen Riding Things]

Expansion Plans: The Fast Gourmet gas-station sandwich outpost on 14th Street NW is looking to expand to Dupont Circle and Georgetown. Chivitos for everyone! [PoP]

Nazi Relics at Arlington’s Java Shack: You always end up finding the strangest things in bathrooms. [TBD]

Photo by Flickr user Carl Black using a Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license