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Remember the “beergonomic” Samuel Adams glass designed to enhance the experience of drinking beer? (Yes, it’s ribbed for his or her pleasure…) The uniquely shaped glass is making news again and not because it has revolutionized the act of drinking beer. Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams beers, has accused a craft brewery in Arizona of stealing their patented design.

Last year, SanTan Brewing Company in Chandler, Arizona, received a cease and desist letter requesting they stop using and selling a specially-designed beer glass that Boston Beer Company believes closely resembles their own. The Massachusetts brewery thinks SanTan’s design is too similar to their patented glass, which they worked with sensory specialists at Tiax Laboratories for several years to create as the perfect vessel for Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

SanTan owner Anthony Canecchia claims the similarities are coincidental and argues that his glasses are blown by hand while the Samuel Adams glasses are machine manufactured, ABC 15 Arizona reports. Boston Beer Company filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission last month. The agency will decide to investigate the claim or not and then make a final decision.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Any body language experts out who can speculate about whether the similarities are “coincidental” or not?

Photo courtesy of Boston Beer Company

Video from ABC15.com

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