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Yesterday many of you were dazzled, or perhaps disgusted, by beer that had been dyed green with food coloring (approximately 30 percent of you according to yesterday’s post by Megan Arellano). How about this? A brewery in Japan makes beer of nearly every color of the rainbow, and does so using natural ingredients.

Abashiri Beer, a brewery located in the far north of Japan, produces a line of beers using unusual ingredients like seaweed and potatoes. Their bright blue beer, Ruuhyou Draft gets its color from spirulina, a blue-green algae known for its health benefits. The red beer, Hamanasu Draft, is made with the berry-occurring pigment anthocyanin found in high concentrations in açaí, chokeberries, and black soybeans. Jyaga Draft, Abashiri’s bright pink beer, has purple potatoes and Silver Vine (Asia’s version of catnip) in its list of ingredients. And the green beer, Shiretoko Draft? Spirulina seaweed again.

Fortunately the city of Abashiri, located on the northeastern coast of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, is far from the areas affected by last week’s earthquake and tsunami. For now at least, it is safe to assume that the brewery and its employees are free from harm.

So enjoy the oh-so-Japanese video below. Sugoi yo!

Photos courtesy of Abashiri Beer

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