Chef R.J. Cooper, formerly of Vidalia, is getting ready to open a new restaurant in Shaw’s Blagden Alley, Rogue 24. That’s been known for some time now. But this morning, we get more details on the place, which “will offer a ‘theater-in-the-round’ 24-course interactive dining experience.” Oh my!

OK, let’s survey this press release for the upcoming culinary spectacle!

  • “Cooper and his culinary artisans [will] craft each course and beverage pairing for the 24-act performance.”
  • Says Cooper himself: “Rogue 24 is both a studio and stage for culinary artists to craft high-quality ingredients into edible works of art, while interacting with an audience of guests who come not only to be fed, but entertained and perhaps educated as well.” It sounds like Medieval Times, just with much better food, less jousting, not as much role playing.
  • But Medieval Times didn’t have a salon! “The intimate space does not have a classic bar, but the 14-seat salon will feature six a la carte dishes and a limited menu of handcrafted cocktails made with small production, artisanal liquors.”
  • Where’s the cooking done? “The kitchen is completely exposed and flanked by four seats to the north and south, offering eight single diners a direct view of the working stage. Induction burners, instead of gas, will be used for cooking.”
  • There’s going to be “exposed brick,” naturally! Plus “stainless steel, iron, wood, copper and high-polished cement to fuse turn-of-the-century architecture with modern urban design.”
  • Expect the theater program to begin “this spring.”