Dispatch From the Franchise Expo! Y&H’s colleague Lydia DePillis reports from the International Franchising Expo and has some newsy franchise news: Jimmy John’s will be opening a location at 14th and L streets NW and another “about eight blocks southwest of that.” (Which would mean it’d be around the Corcoran Gallery of Art, right?) Yogenfruz will be opening at 1175 K St. NW and at Union Station. Korean burger chain Kraze will open “somewhere in Bethesda.” And YoSushi will open a Union Station location in 2012. [Housing Complex]

Cheesy Date at the Melting Pot: She says: “I got a glass of wine. He stuck with water. He was terrible at the cheese fondue.” He says: “Every time I dipped it, I dragged cheese across the table. She taught me how to twist the cheese in just the right way to get it to fall off.” Y&H says: Fondue for a first date? [WaPo]

Words to Eat By: Damn, Y&H hasn’t been to Earl’s in a few years. Time for a return visit. [I Spy Things DC via ARLNow]

British Gems to Take Home:
H Street NE’s new Queen Vic comes with a tuck shop, “[y]our local, one-stop shop for authentic British groceries to take home with you.” That list currently includes Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Heinz SaladCream—and who doesn’t want some “pourable sunshine?”—and Norfolk Manor Jelly Babies. [via Washingtonian]

Photo by Flickr user Photocapy using an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license