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When Starland Café closed in 2007, fans of the restaurant on MacArthur Boulevard were shocked. How could their favorite restaurant, co-owned by Bill Danoff of Starland Vocal Band and “Afternoon Delight” fame, shut its doors? “People went crazy when we closed,” Danoff’s wife and co-owner, Joan, told the Washington Business Journal. “I ran into somebody yesterday who said I ruined her life. It was very emotional.”

A restaurant called Kemble Park Tavern took Starland’s place, but it too has shut its doors. Now, per Nycci Nellis, a new restaurant, Salt and Pepper, is preparing to stake its claim in the somewhat underdeveloped Palisades restaurant market in the old Starland space.

There aren’t too many details about what’s planned. But on the restaurant’s Facebook page, a posting reads: “Please excuse our flakes, we’re shakin’ hard to bring it to you in May!”

So does that mean “skyrockets [are] in flight?” Seems to be the case. Let’s see the results when the new place opens up.