International Secrets: Where does the Belgian Embassy’s chef like to eat when he’s not cooking? Belga Café, naturally. Also, Et Voila, Brasserie Beck, and Marvin. [Eater D.C.]

Trysts Everywhere! As the folks behind Tryst look to open a similar type of place in Columbia Heights, the owners of Fly Lounge are looking to open a Tryst-type of place on H Street NE. [Frozen Tropics]

Words to Eat By: Some thoughts on Ron Tanaka‘s cooking at Cork Wine Bar: “From a Michel Richard protégé, there isn’t so much a self-conscious attempt to include multiple textures in every bite, but flavorwise the current menu is loaded with items that knock it out of the park. Do not miss the morsels of turbot, served with a piquant horseradish crème fraiche, roasted baby beets, truffles, and tarragon.” Yum. [DonRocks]

Upcoming: L.A.-based Pinkberry is gearing for its D.C. debut on Connecticut Avenue opposite Longfellow Triangle on May 6. [@Metrocurean]

A Friendly Reminder: Big Sugar is a big, powerful industry. [Atlantic Wire]

Photo by Flickr user rpongsaj using an Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license