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Dishes We Dug: Panelle (chickpea fritters, pictured) served like fried mozzarella sticks with a side of tomato sauce at Fiola; fried oysters with foie gras, duck confit and cornichons at the Queen Vic; short ribs braised in porter at Meridian Pint; the “Roasted Earl”(a heaping helping of roasted pork and roasted red peppers, slathered with garlic mayo on a sesame seed roll) at Earl’s Sandwiches.

Most Positive Y&H Reader Comment on the Dollar Lunch Day Fustercluck: “Waited in line almost an hour at Malaysian Kopitiam but for $1 lunch for 2 people it was worth it! Glad my experience turned out for the best.”

Most Negative Y&H Reader Comment on the Dollar Lunch Day Fustercluck: “I bought a deal for Cacao ($1 for $6) and they got me – none of their sandwiches were $6. I bought a chicken sandwich and a coffee and ended up paying $7. NEVER AGAIN!”

Overheard While Evaluating the Vibe at P.J. Clarke’s: “I was happy to go to Chadwicks, but I wanted to try something new.”

Underestimated When Ordering a Drink at the Same Venue: The price of a Ketel One martini served “up” is $4 extra ($13 total), compared to the same spirits served on the rocks ($9). The stemware is just that much bigger, a bartender explains.

Queue and Eh: Sunday’s glorious weather meant that the line to get into Georgetown Cupcake stretched all the way up to Prospect Street NW! Did anyone see the line during Saturday’s soggy mess? There’s nothing sadder than a sad-looking cupcake where the frosting has been washed away.

Photo by Chris Shott