Munchies, Anyone? From the producers of “hippie crack,” Georgetown’s Baked & Wired wishes you a “happy 4/20” with a chance to win a giant cupcake. [@BakedAndWired via The Feast]

Cooking With Herbs: Here are some directions for more festive 4/20 revelry. Grease pan, stir brownie mix, add in a wink and a nod. “I chose to celebrate with a handful of basil from my local grocery store, but you on the other hand can go all out and throw in whatever you have lying around in your window box, refrigerator or sock drawer.” [EndlessSimmer]

Bringing Home the Bacon: Restaurant financier Hilda Staples, backer of R.J. Cooper‘s Rogue 24 and the ventures of various local Top Chef alums, on where she gets her dough: “The big cash comes from my husband, who believes that if anyone is going to show a return on his investment, it’s me, so he supports my restaurant habit.” [Washingtonian]

William & Kate Plus Cake: Dare we even mention the royal wedding-themed items for sale at Georgetown Cupcake? [WaPo]

Vacancy Watch: Will anything ever become of the former Zucchabar restaurant-bar  in Adams Morgan? [PoP]

Photo by Flickr user jeffreyw using a Creative Commons Attribution License