Frosting Our Way to An Early Grave: The always insightful Tom Scocca deconstructs the “disgusting and depraved” state of today’s cupcakes. “This thing being sold as a cupcake stands 2 1/4 inches tall. Of that, at least 3/4 inch is a giant wad of frosting. In the middle of the cupcake, where the cake part is dented in to make room for even more frosting, the frosting is more than an inch deep—half the height of the cupcake….I scraped the frosting off this one and weighed it. The original cupcake was 87 grams. The frosting weighed in at 27 grams—allowing for the frosting that didn’t make it onto the scale, that means one-third of the total cupcake weight was frosting.” [Slate]

Watershed Moment: Chef Todd and Ellen Gray‘s second D.C. eatery has opened on schedule and will be serving a “continental” breakfast. “[I]t is in the Hilton Garden Inn after all.” [We Love DC]

The Soft Parade Has Now Ended: Fabio Trabocchi‘s new Penn Quarter eatery Fiola has officially transcended the soft opening phase. Book now on Open Table.  [Eater DC]

Photo by Flickr user Kristin Ausk/Creative Commons Attribution License