Ba Bay
‘s Denise Nguyen offers up some new details about next week’s weirdly intriguing tattooed pig roast on Capitol Hill. Organizers are auctioning off “pig space” to be emblazoned with an image or logo of the winning bidder’s choice (subject to organizers’ approval, of course) with proceeds benefiting Red Cross Japan. It’s all going down on eBay here, with bidding open until 7:30 a.m. Thursday. The bidding begins at $99 with the winner also nabbing two tickets to the roast.

For the haters, Nguyen also explains how the seemingly bizarre concept actually supports sustainable farming:

Tattoo artists sometimes use what they call “practice skin (synthetic), or fruit (like oranges) to practice with, before they ink actual skin. So the purpose being for whether  it’s a complicated piece or for apprentices — you get the idea. Veterans and the “old school” way of practicing and training however, is to use pig skin that you’d simply buy from the butcher, etc.

In our case, instead of throwing what would be a canvas away, we’re going to use it and turn it into a beautiful dinner, that brings different talents together, and all for a great cause. In particular, this reinforces Ba Bay and Bev Eggelston of EcoFriendly Food’s mission of good, humane, local and sustainable farming.

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