Restaurant Spawns: Corduroy is planning a “very casual” companion restaurant next door to its 9th Street NW digs that’ll offer, among other things, “salads, soups and pizza, as well as features like New Jersey shore hot dogs, pupusas (a Salvadoran street food) and salmon.” [WBJ]

Surprise! Yes, there are some good bagels in the D.C. area. [WaPo]

Take It to the Streets! Los Angeles-based frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry is enlisting two sororities at George Washington University (and local radio personality Tommy “McFly”) to promote the upcoming opening of Pinkberry’s Dupont location on Connecticut Avenue. So if you see sorority girls passing out ping pong balls, it’s not necessarily for a game of beer pong! [DCFüd]

Chipotle’s New Hires: The federal immigration crackdown at Chipotle restaurants in the area is continuing. There “are a lot of unfamiliar faces among the crew at the Ballston Chipotle.” A company spokesman acknowledged the current hiring investigation but “denied that there has been a mass exodus of employees.” [ARLNow]

Office-Block Pioneers: The opening of Todd and Ellen Gray‘s newly opened Watershed has been exciting for the denizens of NoMa. “This IS a watershed moment for the area developers branded as NoMA (North of Massachusetts Avenue), as it brings sit-down dining and a chef’s touch to a neighborhood previously served only by fast-casual chains and coffee shops.” [Capital Spice]

Photo by Flickr user Alex Guichet using an Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic Creative Commons license