When we think of D.C. restaurants synonymous with the term “power lunch,” several venues immediately come to mind: The Monocle, Bombay Club, Oval Room, Tosca, Charlie Palmer Steak, to name a few.

But…Belga Café? That’s a new one. The “little bit of Brussels” on Barracks Row oddly kicks off a recent USA Today travel article on the hottest power lunch spots in cities across the country:

“I love Belga, because it combines excellent food, a varied menu, great service and nice ambience[sic] for a quiet discussion,” says [Anne] Seymour, who works as a national crime victim advocate. “It’s located on historic Barracks Row, so lunch is always followed by a quick historic tour, which my dining companions seem to really enjoy.

To be fair, the Belga bit is the opening anecdote into a list of power lunch hot spots compiled by Zagat Survey at USA Today‘s request. The actual list of D.C. power lunch spots, according to Zagat: Central Michel Richard, Charlie Palmer, Monocle, Tosca, and Prime Rib. Belga is nowhere on the list.

Could it be that the power lunch there is so powerful that only the truly powerful know about it?

Photo by dennis and aimee jonez/Creative Commons Attribution License